Days of Our Lives (Peacock Wednesday May 22, 2024)

Days of Our Lives

On the Wednesday May 22 episode of Days of Our Lives, Alex extends an invitation to Theresa, proposing that she move into the Kiriakis mansion with him. However, he keeps a secret from her—he’s still romantically involved with Kristen. Meanwhile, Maggie devises a cunning plan to entrap Konstantin for embezzlement, hoping to lure him into a trap that will land him in prison.

Elsewhere, Chad shares wonderful news with Julie; the renovations on the Horton house are complete, meaning Julie, Doug, Chad, and the children can finally return home. This heartwarming development leads to a joyous celebration for the family.

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In other developments, Tate confides in Aaron about his relationship with Holly, revealing that they are secretly dating. Tate, tired of Aaron’s assumptions about Holly’s relationship status, blurts out the truth. Before this revelation, Aaron expresses his relief that Holly had to miss the prom due to her previous drug overdose, showcasing his complex feelings about the situation.

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The episode also introduces a new character, Kennedy Garcia as Felicity, a teenager with Down syndrome who frequents Sweet Bits and becomes a friend of Chanel’s. Chanel’s interaction with Felicity influences her decision-making regarding her pregnancy, as she becomes determined to keep her baby despite any challenges that may arise from the radiation exposure.

This episode of Days of Our Lives airs Wednesday, May 22, 2024, on Peacock.

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