Days of Our Lives, Tuesday May 7, 2024, Peacock

Days of Our Lives

In the May 7 episode of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Maggie receives news about the will, and decides to donate much of her inheritance to charity. She shares this plan with Xander, Sarah, and Konstantin, who initially praises her philanthropy. However, tension arises when Maggie reveals her intention to share her fortune with heirs left out of the will. Xander defends Maggie’s choice, clashing with Konstantin. She stands firm, but the group remains unaware of Konstantin’s hidden agenda. He later confronts Theresa, demanding she keep Alex interested to secure their financial goals.

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Meanwhile, Brady and Kristen’s strained dynamic persists as Brady waits with Rachel. Kristen hints at wanting more time with their daughter, but Brady rejects a reconciliation. Alex arrives and kisses Kristen, leading to a frustrated Brady confiding in Theresa about their relationship.

In another storyline, Steve visits Marlena and John, who fill him in on their plan to thwart Konstantin’s schemes. John reveals that hypnosis helped him recall his encounter with Konstantin and the prenup mission. Marlena also taught him techniques to resist the card’s trance. Together, they aim to protect Maggie from Konstantin’s manipulation.

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Days of Our Lives airs Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 6:00 a.m. on Peacock.

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