Deadly Waters with Captain Lee: Ghost Ship (Oxygen, June 1, 2024)

Fatal Family Feuds

The series premiere of Deadly Waters with Captain Lee, titled “Ghost Ship,” sets sail on Oxygen on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 9/8c. Captain Lee Rosbach, known from Bravo’s “Below Deck” franchise, embarks on a new journey as the host of this true-crime series.

In this inaugural episode, a chilling mystery unfolds as investigators are confronted with the perplexing case of a Bahamas-bound charter boat discovered abandoned and adrift 140 miles off course. They must carefully examine bloodstain patterns and consider the possibility of a pirate attack as they desperately search for any survivors and strive to piece together the events that led to this dire situation.

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Captain Lee, leveraging his extensive nautical expertise, navigates the treacherous waters of homicide investigations on open seas, rivers, and lakes. He uncovers the murky clues and secrets that led to the apprehension of criminals who mistakenly believed that committing crimes on the water would be their perfect alibi.

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The eight-part series, Deadly Waters, explores a range of intriguing cases, including incidents on Lake Erie and a body discovered with a mysterious missing digit pattern. Additionally, Captain Lee’s own past experiences at sea are explored, including a brush with the law over suspected drug smuggling in the 1980s.

Deadly Waters with Captain Lee: Ghost Ship premieres Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 9/8c on Oxygen, with streaming available the next day on Peacock.

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