Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Returns with John Cena as Host

John Cena Shark Week

Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week is back and packed with thrilling encounters, deep-sea expeditions, and fascinating insights into the world of apex predators. This year, the week-long event is hosted by none other than the charismatic actor, producer, and former WWE superstar John Cena. Starting Sunday, July 7, 2024, viewers can dive into 21 hours of new programming, expertly guided by Cena.

Cena offers a preview of each night’s top moments and interviews with shark experts, ensuring a week filled with exciting and informative content. Among the highly anticipated shows is the next chapter of “Belly of the Beast,” which provides a terrifying yet fascinating look at a great white shark feeding frenzy.

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The week also features “Monster Hammerhead: Species X,” an investigation into a potential new hammerhead species, and “Great White Serial Killer: Sea of Blood,” which follows the trail of a massive, vicious shark that has decapitated its victim and instilled terror in a local village.

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Fan-favorite shows like “Jaws vs Leviathan,” “Makozilla,” and “Big Shark Energy” will also make a comeback, offering more shark-filled adventures. Shark Week continues to be a highly anticipated event, providing a unique blend of entertainment and education. With Cena’s lively presence and the diverse range of shows, this year’s Shark Week promises to be another successful celebration of these fascinating creatures.

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