Dispatches: Undercover A&E – NHS in Crisis (Channel 4, Monday 24 June 2024)

Channel 4

An upcoming episode of Dispatches, titled “Undercover A&E: NHS in Crisis,” will air on Channel 4 on Monday, 24 June 2024, at 9:00 pm. The episode offers a revealing look at the challenges faced by patients and staff within the National Health Service (NHS).

The episode presents a disturbing account of the realities faced by patients seeking treatment in an NHS Accident and Emergency Department. Over two months, a Dispatches reporter secretly filmed their experiences, exposing the suffering and dangers that have become all too common.

Even during the summer, a season typically associated with lower patient numbers, the department is overwhelmed, with patients sleeping on chairs for up to two days due to a lack of beds. Others are left lying on trolleys in corridors or reception areas, indicating a severe shortage of resources and space.

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The episode reveals significant delays in patients receiving medical attention, with people left confused and uncertain about their fate. Overcrowding has led to a decline in standards of care, with vital medical checks missed, patient notes misplaced, and basic hygiene needs neglected, resulting in patients being left to wet themselves. The situation is further exacerbated by long queues of ambulances outside, unable to offload patients into an already overcrowded reception area.

Adding to the crisis is a dangerous superbug outbreak, linked to the overcrowding and deteriorating hygiene standards within the department. With a national election on the horizon, this episode of Dispatches shines a spotlight on the dire state of the NHS, urging much-needed attention and action to address the mounting issues.

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Dispatches: Undercover A&E: NHS in Crisis airs Monday, 24 June 2024, at 9:00 pm on Channel 4.

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