Do You Want to Live Forever? Premieres 17 June on Channel 9

The age-old pursuit of longevity and the mysteries of aging are explored in upcoming television series Do You Want to Live Forever?, premiering on June 17, 2024, on Australia’s Channel 9 and 9Now.

Veteran journalist Tracy Grimshaw and medical expert Dr. Nick Coatsworth host the series, guiding viewers through the complex and intriguing world of longevity research and the quest for a healthier, longer life.

The show will feature four pairs of everyday Australians from diverse backgrounds, each with their unique health stories and goals. By navigating medically supervised trials and interventions, the participants will explore the potential to improve their health and perhaps unlock the secrets to a longer life.

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The first pair, sisters Eliza and Liberty Paschke, have contrasting approaches to well-being. Eliza struggles with erratic eating and sleeping patterns, while Liberty maintains a strict health-conscious and routine-driven lifestyle. Their journey will explore the impact of these differing approaches on their overall health and longevity.

Olympic gold medalist Duncan Armstrong and his son, Tom Bruce, join the cast to navigate the post-athlete phase of life. Their story will emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its potential impact on long-term health.

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Luke Williamson, a laid-back construction worker, and Taylor Hague, a busy salon owner and mother, aim to introduce healthier habits to balance their lifestyles. Meanwhile, Enver and Eliana Scott, a devoted couple, grapple with the challenges of long work hours and unhealthy habits, hoping to make a transformative change for the better.

“Do You Want to Live Forever?” examines the intricate nature of aging and aims to provide valuable insights into achieving better health and longer lives. The participants’ discoveries and transformations throughout the series are sure to spark intriguing conversations about aging and longevity.

Do You Want to Live Forever? Premieres Monday 17 June 2024 at 7:30pm on Channel 9.

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