Doctor Who: Empire of Death, Season Finale Preview & Everything We Know So Far

Mel and The Doctor stand in a corridor, looking perturbed. She shows him something in her hand.
The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Mel (Bonnie Langford) (Image Credit: Sophie Mutevelian/Bad Wolf/BBC Studios)

The fourteenth season of “Doctor Who” is building up to an epic conclusion with its two-part finale, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” and “Empire of Death”. The highly anticipated finale is written by showrunner Russell T. Davies and is set to air on June 22, 2024, following the seventh episode, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday”, which aired on June 15.

In “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby (Millie Gibson) find refuge at UNIT, where they encounter familiar allies, including Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and Mel Bush (Bonnie Langford). The episode also introduces Morris Gibbons (Lenny Rush), a brilliant 13-year-old who becomes entangled in the Doctor’s adventures.

The concept of the “Memory TARDIS” is introduced, a unique gathering place where Doctors and companions from across time and space have to tell their stories. This sets the stage for an episode that leans into the complex web of familial connections that bind the Doctor, teasing at the answers that fans have been eagerly awaiting.

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The episode builds towards the reveal of the season’s main antagonist, Sutekh, a powerful entity known as “The One Who Waits.” This ancient godlike being, who first appeared in 1975 story Pyramids of Mars, is connected to the enigmatic Susan Triad (Susan Twist again), a tech billionaire whose true intentions remain shrouded in mystery. As the Doctor and Ruby uncover more about Sutekh’s plans, they find themselves drawn into a dangerous game where their actions could have far-reaching consequences.

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“The Legend of Ruby Sunday” ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the Doctor, Ruby, and their UNIT allies at the mercy of Sutekh. This sets the stage for the finale, “Empire of Death,” which promises to reveal the true extent of Sutekh’s sinister plans.

Fans have been buzzing with theories about the identity of the villain and the true nature of Susan Triad. Is she an unknowing servant of Sutekh, or is there a deeper connection between them? Additionally, the significance of the snow that follows Ruby and the unusual grumbling sounds emanating from the TARDIS remain unexplained.

Showrunner Russell T. Davies is known for his intricate storytelling and bait-and-switch resolutions, meaning that, realistically, we have no idea how all this will really play out.

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