Doctor Who: Susan Twist’s Expanding Role in Season 14 Finale Sparks Fan Theories

Doctor Who

The finale of “Doctor Who’s” 14th season is set to be an epic two-part episode, and all signs point to Susan Twist being at the center of the action. Twist has been a fixture of the latest season, appearing in almost every episode, each time as a different character. From a hiker in “73 Yards” to a tea lady in “The Devil’s Chord,” her roles have been diverse and intriguing.

In the season finale, titled “Empire of Death,” Twist will take on an even larger role, starring as Susan Triad. This character name has sparked a major fan theory, with some speculating that Twist is playing a TARDIS, as “S Triad” is an anagram of “TARDIS.”

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With each of Twist’s appearances, fans have been left with more questions and theories. Could she be the fabled “The One Who Waits,” or is she even Ruby’s birth mother?

Twist has been a consistent presence in the show since last year’s “Wild Blue Yonder,” appearing in every episode except “The Giggle.” Her most recent role was as Penny Pepper-Bean in “Dot and Bubble.”

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The finale cast is a gathering of “Doctor Who” talent, including Jemma Redgrave, Bonnie Langford, Yasmin Finney, and Michelle Greenidge. Showrunner Russell T Davies has described the finale as “literally, the biggest finale ever,” and advised fans to stay up late to avoid spoilers.

As the season draws to a close, audiences are eager to uncover Twist’s true identity, and her performance in the finale is sure to be a talking point.

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