Don’t Forget the Lyrics!: Ay Dios Mio And Hallelujah! (FOX, Thursday, June 13, 2024)

Don't Forget The Lyrics

A glamorous South American mom and a worship leader from South Carolina take center stage in the latest episode of Don’t Forget the Lyrics! airing on FOX on Thursday June 13. With a million-dollar grand prize on the line, both contestants will need to rely on their musical memory and perform their hearts out.

In this exciting episode, the contestants will choose songs from various genres, decades, and artists, adding variety and a unique challenge to their performances. As they sing along with the band, the lyrics will be projected on a screen, but the real test begins when the music stops, and the words disappear. It’s a high-pressure situation that will push them to remember every word.

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With each correct song, they get closer to the ultimate prize. If they can sing nine songs accurately, they will be presented with a number-one hit for their final challenge. It all comes down to this: one song, some missing lyrics, and a life-changing sum of money.

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Don’t Forget the Lyrics!: Ay Dios Mio And Hallelujah! airs Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on FOX.

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