“Doom Scroll: Andrew Tate & The Dark Side of the Internet” Explores the Rise of Controversial Figure

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Sky News is set to explore the controversial rise of Andrew Tate, the self-professed misogynist who became one of the world’s most influential figures, in a new documentary titled “Doom Scroll: Andrew Tate & The Dark Side of the Internet.” The film examines the factors that propelled Tate to infamy and the larger implications for society and social media platforms.

The documentary examines how someone with toxic views gained millions of young followers and the role of social media algorithms in amplifying extreme, hateful, and misogynistic content. It features interviews with Tate’s critics, people who know him, and experts on the inner workings of social media algorithms.

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“Doom Scroll: Andrew Tate & The Dark Side of the Internet” goes beyond the headlines, uncovering the online forces that boost extreme content and the real-world harm that can result. It highlights the dark influence of social media platforms and how their pursuit of profit has shaped the online landscape we navigate today.

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