Doubling Down with the Derricos: Boy Bye (TLC, Tuesday June 4, 2024)

Doubling Down with the Derricos

The Derrico family returns with a brand new episode, titled “Boy Bye,” airing on TLC on Tuesday June 4, 2024. In this episode, the family takes on Valentine’s Day with a unique twist, teaching their children about dating. Meanwhile, a toothache for Dior prompts a trip to the dentist for all the children, and tensions rise between Karen and Deon as he tries to conceal issues with their new house.

The episode explores the challenges of parenting and family dynamics as the Derricos navigate their busy lives. With a focus on Valentine’s Day, the family takes an educational approach by teaching their children about dating and relationships. However, a unexpected toothache for Dior leads to a dental visit for all the children, adding a fun and lighthearted twist to the episode.

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Meanwhile, tensions escalate between Karen and Deon as he attempts to keep issues with their new house under wraps. Deon’s secrecy only serves to heighten the tension between the couple, creating a challenging dynamic that they must work through.

Doubling Down with the Derricos: Boy Bye airs on TLC on June 4, 2024, at 8:00 PM.

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