Dream Home Drama: Taeler and Elle Block Front Yard, Sparking Conflict

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Tensions Ignite with Head Builder Luca as Sisters Seal Off Northcote Home Front Yard

On the Tuesday night episode of Channel 7’s Dream Home, Victorian sisters Taeler and Elle took a stand by blocking access to the front yard of Mel and Brad’s Northcote home. This bold move led to a clash with head builder Luca and other teams, as the sisters expressed their frustration over the yard being utilised as a communal storage and workshop area.

Meanwhile, in Watsonia, Lara and Peter pressed ahead with their contemporary Scandi-inspired facade. Facing a shortage of plants, they sought $2000 from Rhys and Liam to enhance the front aesthetic. Rhys demonstrated his tiling skills in the ensuite, while Liam encountered challenges in the study, the smallest yet most demanding room.

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Brad and Mel, committed to bringing Elle’s luxurious vision for the master bedroom and walk-in robe to life, splurged on art, a chandelier, and a bed. However, their spending left them with only $61, prompting them to reluctantly return the extravagant bed to stay within budget.

Host Dr. Chris Brown wasn’t convinced about the teams’ design choices, specifically regarding Brad and Mel’s unconventional decision to forgo wardrobe doors in their space. Additionally, Rhys and Liam’s bathroom, which lacked a door, sparked interest as they playfully referred to it as an ‘art installation.’

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Taeler and Elle directed their attention to the facade and created a whimsical space for 12-year-old Ginger, with lilac and purple themes inspired by a piece of artwork they had purchased. Jacinta and Jordan were happy as the plasterboard installation in the bedroom neared completion, with Jordan working through the night to apply the undercoat for the Venetian plastering. In a twist of fate, during a shopping trip, Jacinta serendipitously selected the very same bed that Brad and Mel had returned.

Dream Home Continues on Sunday at 7.00 pm on Channel 7 and 7plus

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