EastEnders (BBC One Thursday 13 June 2024)


In the Thursday 13 June episode of EastEnders, Sharon fights to attend Keanu’s funeral, holding her ground against those who may disagree. Later, a private memorial is organized by Kathy and Linda at The Arches, providing a space for Sharon to pay her respects.

Meanwhile, Kat offers comfort to an unexpected individual, and Denise confides in Kim about her breakdown, though of course she remains tight-lipped about the cause.

Denise’s mental health began to deteriorate as she struggled with guilt and paranoia over Keanu Taylor’s murder, which she had helped cover up. She started having hallucinations, including seeing Keanu and believing that Johnny Carter was the devil. After running away and being found by Jack, she was sectioned and received professional help and is now in recovery mode.

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This episode of EastEnders airs on Wednesday 13 June 2024, at 7:30 PM on BBC One.

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