EastEnders: Linda Carter Confronts Her Demons (BBC One, 11 June 2024)


In the Tuesday 11 June episode of EastEnders, Linda Carter’s ongoing battle with alcoholism takes a dark twist as she opens up to a support group.

Sharon Watts and Johnny Carter are concerned when they find Linda intoxicated in the cellar, and they take matters into their own hands, resorting to unusual methods to try and sober her up. They place her in a bath and splash water on her, hoping to shock her system.

However, it is at the alcohol support meeting that Linda truly confronts her struggles. She shares her story with the group, revealing that she turns to alcohol to escape the guilt and pain caused by her past actions. While Sharon fears that Linda might confess to Keanu Taylor’s murder, Linda’s confession takes an unexpected direction.

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Instead, Linda speaks about her treatment of Mick Carter and expresses her worries about her son, Ollie. With emotions running high and Keanu’s funeral approaching on Thursday, the tension rises. Will Linda be able to resist the pull of alcohol, or will her drinking habit continue to consume her?

As the funeral draws near, the question of whether Linda can keep the secret of Keanu’s murder remains. Will she find the strength to fight her demons and maintain her silence?

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EastEnders airs Tuesday 11 June, 2024, at 7:30 pm on BBC One.

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