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EastEnders: The Six Line Up Dean Wicks to Take the Fall for Keanu Taylor’s Murder



EastEnders: The Six

Recent episodes of “EastEnders” have revealed shocking twists and turns as the truth behind Keanu Taylor’s murder comes to light. The Six, a group of women including Sharon Watts, Linda Carter, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, and Denise Fox, are at the center of the drama as they scramble to cover up their involvement in the crime.

Keanu Taylor’s body has been hidden under the floor of the café for months, with The Six burying him there after Linda Carter killed him on Christmas Day. In recent episodes, the floor caved in, leading to the discovery of Keanu’s corpse. This triggers a series of events as the women try to avoid suspicion and protect themselves from the consequences of their actions.

The Framing of Dean Wicks

Stacey Slater, one of The Six, devises a plan to frame Dean Wicks for Keanu’s murder. She plants the murder weapon, a meat thermometer, in Dean’s flat. This act sets off a chain of events that leads to Dean’s interrogation and potential downfall.

Dean Wicks, a villainous character with a history of evading justice, is arrested for Keanu’s murder. The police search his flat and find the murder weapon, which further strengthens the case against him. Dean vehemently protests his innocence, but his fate seems sealed as the evidence mounts.


The Role of Linda Carter

Linda Carter, played by Kellie Bright, is a central figure in the Keanu Taylor murder storyline. It was revealed that she killed Keanu while trying to protect her best friend, Sharon Watts, who was being choked by Keanu. Linda, along with the other women of The Six, covered up the crime and buried Keanu’s body.

In recent episodes, Linda struggles with her conscience and considers turning herself in. However, Stacey’s plan to frame Dean takes precedence, and Linda ends up giving a false statement to the police, implicating Dean. This leads to Dean’s arrest, but it remains to be seen if he will be convicted.

Amid the drama, Dean’s daughter, Jade Masood, faces her own turmoil. Dean has been tampering with her medication, and his arrest leaves her distraught. Upcoming episodes will explore Jade’s search for the truth about her father’s actions, suggesting that Dean’s story may not be over yet.

The Future of The Six

As the women of The Six continue to deal with the aftermath of Keanu’s murder, they must also ensure their plan to frame Dean remains watertight. They meet to discuss their next steps and try to keep their stories straight. However, the possibility of their scheme unraveling looms over them.


What’s Next for “EastEnders”?

With Dean Wicks’ fate hanging in the balance, viewers can expect more intense drama and suspense. The show teases the possibility of Dean’s comeuppance, as he has evaded justice for his past crimes, including the rape of Linda Carter. Will he finally be punished for his actions?

As the residents of Albert Square navigate the fallout of Keanu’s murder, new storylines and twists are introduced, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned to “EastEnders” to uncover the fate of Dean Wicks and witness the impact of his actions on the lives of those around him.

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