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Eight Bakers Remain Following Cookie Week On The Great Canadian Baking Show



Designer Marian Castelino, 41, of Ottawa, Ontario left the tent on this week’s episode of THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW, while fellow Ottawan Aimee DeCruyenaere whisked it for the biscuit, earning the title of Star Baker. Cookie Week saw the bakers create Icebox Sandwich Cookies with a multicoloured design rolled into the dough for the Signature Bake. The next task was to execute a delicate Pirouette, a lightly rolled wafer cookie filled with chocolate and hazelnut for the Technical Bake. Lastly, the bakers created a masterpiece Cookie Mosaic for the Show Stopper, with colourful cookie tiles atop a delicious cookie canvas.

As Castelino leaves the tent, the following eight bakers remain:

Aimee DeCruyenaere, 23, an industrial design student from Ottawa, ON
Alina Fintineanu, 30, an orthodontic dental hygienist from Toronto, ON
Amanda Muirhead, 45, a paralegal from Westmoreland, P.E.I.
Caron Lau, 26, an occupational therapist from Richmond, B.C.
Dougal Nolan, 31, a mental health researcher from Dartmouth, N.S.
Stephen Nhan, 30, a health administrator from Regina, SK
Steve Levitt, 54, a small business owner from Aurora, ON
Vincent Chan, 55, a graphic designer from Toronto, ON

In next week’s episode of THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW, the eight remaining bakers get extra festive during Celebration Week, a spooktacular new theme that will be introduced this season, airing next Sunday, October 31 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC and the free CBC Gem streaming service.

The series is based on the beloved British format. Each episode features the bakers competing in three challenges – the Signature Bake, the Technical Bake, and the Show Stopper – during which they rely on their personal interests and backgrounds to ensure that their delectable dishes stand out. Once their sweet creations have been tasted and critiqued, the judges decide who will be the week’s Star Baker and who will be sent home. In the final episode, the remaining three bakers face off for the title of Canada’s best amateur baker.

THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW is produced by Boat Rocker’s Proper Television in association with CBC and Love Productions. The executive producers are Cathie James and Lesia Capone, and the series producer is Mark Van de Ven. For CBC, Sally Catto is General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports; Jennifer Dettman is Executive Director, Unscripted Content; and Susan Taylor is Executive in Charge of Production. The format is owned by Love Productions and distributed by Sky Vision. In addition to the original British series, the format has been produced in 23 territories including the United States, Australia, France and Ireland. THE GREAT CANADIAN BAKING SHOW is presented with Robin Hood®. The Robin Hood Baking Family consists of a portfolio of leading baking brands.