‘Emmerdale’ Plants Roots for the Future as it Reaches a Milestone 10,000 Episode


A British television institution, ‘Emmerdale‘, is about to reach an extraordinary milestone. On 22 May 2024, the enduring soap opera will broadcast its 10,000th episode on ITV, a feat rarely achieved by any TV drama. To mark this occasion, the cast and crew are giving back to the community that has supported them for over five decades.

Emmerdale‘, set in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, has become a global phenomenon, airing in seven territories worldwide and entertaining audiences with its blend of drama and troubles. To express their gratitude, the production team is turning their attention to the environment, partnering with the University of Leeds on their Gair Wood project.

Head of Production, Nader Mabadi, reflects on the show’s deep roots in the region: “Our Studios and Village are a large part of the community, helping us beam the beautiful Yorkshire Dales to countries across the world, and all of us on the team are grateful to the Leeds and the wider Yorkshire communities for their continued support over the last 52 years of filming ‘Emmerdale’ in the region…”

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As a tribute to their 10,000th episode, the production team will assist in the maintenance of 10,000 young trees as part of the Gair Wood project. This initiative aims to create an ecological corridor, enhancing biodiversity and reducing carbon in the atmosphere. Mabadi emphasizes the show’s commitment to sustainability, both behind the scenes and in the storylines themselves.

John Whiston, Managing Director of Continuing Drama & Head of ITV in the North, celebrates the show’s enduring success: “Very few TV programmes in the world have made it to 10,000 eps. Even fewer dramas have managed to get that far. And for a drama to do it in such style is vanishingly rare. ‘Emmerdale’ today feels full of excitement, full of mischief, full full of life. Long may it continue to prosper and thrive.”

As ‘Emmerdale’ reaches this incredible milestone, it is not only a testament to its enduring popularity but also sets a sustainable path for the future. With its dedication to both entertainment and environmental responsibility, the show is poised to continue thriving for generations to come.

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