Emmerdale: Village Fete Chaos as Ethan Falls Victim to Hit-and-Run


Upcoming episodes of Emmerdale take a sinister turn as Ethan Anderson finds himself at the centre of a shocking hit-and-run incident, leaving the village reeling and a trail of suspects in its wake.

The tension has been building since Nicky Miligan fell into a coma after a devastating crash caused by Ethan’s drink-driving. Now, with Nicky still fighting for their life, their loved ones are out for vengeance.

As the village fete approaches, Ethan’s absence sets alarm bells ringing for his father, Charles, who fears the worst. Little does he know that Ethan is fighting for his life on the outskirts of the village, the victim of a callous hit-and-run.

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Later, a battered and bloodied Ethan stumbles into the fete, collapsing before the horrified villagers. As he regains consciousness, he insists he has no memory of the attack, leaving a web of intrigue that ensnares Nicky’s vengeful relatives: uncle Cain, and parents Ruby and Caleb.

With suspects aplenty and motives galore, the mystery of who wanted Ethan out of the picture will unfold in a series of suspenseful scenes, beginning Monday, 20 May 2024, on ITV1.

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