Emmerdale’s Ella Forster: Will she stay or will she go?


In a strong episode of Emmerdale on Friday 31 May, viewers were left wondering if Ella Forster would exit the show as her murderous past was exposed by Cain Dingle.

In recent episodes, Ella has sparked concern in the village, with her behaviour raising eyebrows. After it was revealed she had been sleeping in her car, Ella snapped at her close friend Mandy when she saw her looking at an old photo. Ella also refused to be photographed at the village fete and dashed off, adding to the mystery surrounding her.

On Thursday’s episode, Ella attended the funeral of an old lady named June Phillips, who had dementia and whom she had been visiting regularly. As Ella tried to keep her distance from June’s family, she was spotted by June’s grieving relatives, who confronted her and revealed that June had a daughter who was dead.

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It was then revealed that Ella’s real name is Ruth Davies, and she had killed June’s 11-year-old granddaughter, Joanne Phillips, in a “jealous frenzied attack” when she was 11 years old. Ella served a long prison sentence and assumed a new identity upon her release.

After learning of Ella’s past, most of the village turned their backs on her, including Liam Cavanagh, who ordered her to leave his house. However, Cain Dingle agreed to hear Ella out, and the pair contemplated leaving the village together.

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As the episode concluded, Ella told Cain she was leaving, but Cain urged her to speak up about her past and consider staying.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV1.

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