Emmerdale’s Marlon Dingle: A History of Romances and Family Feuds


Has Marlon ended his marriage to Rhona?

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) appeared to end his marriage to Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) in a dramatic episode of Emmerdale on 5 June 2024.

Their relationship has been strained since Rhona made a last-minute statement at Gus Malcolms’ sentencing for the theft of her embryo. Marlon felt this was the last straw after months of Rhona making decisions without him.

Marlon’s behaviour has spiralled, and he has struggled to forgive Rhona. The couple agreed to attend marriage counselling, but when the therapist pointed out Marlon’s faults, he took offence.

After upsetting Charles Anderson, Marlon confided in his best friend Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt). Charles later visited Marlon’s home to apologise and, while waiting for Marlon to return, Rhona and Charles discussed the possibility of christening their baby.

When Marlon returned home, Charles let slip about the christening conversation, and Marlon assumed, once again, that Rhona had been making plans without him.

The day took a tense turn when Marlon let rip in the Woolpack kitchen, throwing a pan of food on the floor. Rhona was shocked, and Marlon was left shamefaced.

Marlon later admitted to Paddy that he thought he was losing his mind and considered going camping to relax. Rhona was further taken aback when she found her husband packing to leave without any forewarning.

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As Marlon set off, he declared that he needed time to decide if he even wanted to save their marriage. Is it all over for Marlon and Rhona?

A History of Romances

This is not the first time Marlon has considered ending his marriage. In fact, this would be his fifth marriage, if he and Rhona were to part ways.

Marlon’s first wife was Tricia Stokes. They were happy for a while, but their romance had some bumps along the way, including Tricia’s agreement to a fake marriage so her friend’s boyfriend could stay in the country.

Marlon and Tricia eventually reconciled and married, but tragedy struck when Tricia was killed after the Woolpack chimney collapsed during a storm.

Donna Windsor

As Marlon grieved for Tricia, he grew close to Donna Windsor, and they started a relationship. They faced obstacles, including Donna’s decision to join the police, which disgusted the Dingle family!

Donna and Marlon married and cared for Marlon’s cousin Lilith’s children. They also coped with the arrival of Marlon’s dodgy brother, Eli, and Donna’s mother’s arrest.

However, their romance ended when Donna had an affair with her partner PC Ross Kirk. For a while, it looked like they might reconcile, but then Donna caught Marlon kissing his cousin, and she left the village.

In 2014, Donna returned with her daughter, April, and revealed that April was Marlon’s daughter and that she, herself, was dying. When Donna died, Marlon became a full-time dad to April.

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Rhona Goskirk

By the time April arrived, Marlon was already a father to Leo, his son with Rhona Goskirk. They had an on-again-off-again romance, co-parenting Leo, but Rhona eventually left Marlon for his best friend, Paddy.

When Rhona and Paddy decided to move to New Zealand with Leo, Marlon was determined to make them stay. He got his wish when Paddy was arrested and had his vet licence suspended.

Laurel Thomas

Marlon fell in love with Laurel Thomas, but she was married to vicar Ashley. Eventually, after discovering Ashley was abusing his father, Laurel broke off her marriage, and she and Marlon became a couple.

Marlon and Laurel married, but their relationship ended due to Laurel’s struggles with alcoholism, just as Marlon was getting to know April.

Marlon had a relationship with Carly Hope, but she left the village with her ex-boyfriend. He then started a romance with Leo’s headteacher, Jessie Grant, and they wed in a surprise Christmas ceremony.

Jessie’s sons and the reappearance of her ex caused friction, and she eventually left for a job in Dubai.

When Graham Foster was murdered, Marlon was initially arrested and denied bail. With Marlon behind bars, the Dingle family started the “Free Marlon” campaign, and Rhona worked to find the real killer.

Marlon and Rhona decided to give things another go earlier this year. It’s been a rocky road, but will Marlon’s fifth marriage be the everlasting love or has he called it quits for good?

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