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Episode 3 of House of Gods, 10 March, 2024, ABC TV



House of Gods on ABC

In the third episode of ABC TV’s “House of Gods,” tensions rise as Ramadan begins and the mosque receives significant cash donations. Isa (Osamah Sami), who is responsible for handling these funds, takes a portion for himself before passing them on to Batul (Maia Abbas) for documentation.

During the mosque’s committee meeting, Sheikh Mohammad (Kamel El Basha) proposes an ambitious plan for a new Shi’ite school. However, Batul shocks everyone by refusing to vote in favor of it due to her belief that music and dance are considered sinful (haram).

As Batul questions why donations have decreased while attendance has increased, Isa becomes evasive. Seyyed Modhaffer insists on receiving the full $25,000 monthly payment at once instead of installments. Isa tries to explain that such a large transfer could attract unwanted attention from authorities, but Seyyed Modhaffer remains dissatisfied.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Mohammad approaches Abu Zuhayr in an effort to secure his support for the school project. He offers to remove the dance aspect and promises cleaning contracts at the school for Abu Zuhayr’s extended family. In agreement with these terms, Abu Zuhayr gives his approval, leading Sheikh Mohammad to celebrate having secured enough votes to turn his vision into reality.


Amidst all this, Batul discovers an irregular transfer from the mosque’s account that raises further suspicions.

Tune in to ABC TV on Sunday 10 March 2024 at 8.30pm for the next episode of “House of Gods.”



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