Eric Sykes 100th Birthday Celebrated with This Is Your Life Special



ITV will be streaming a special episode of the biographical documentary series, This Is Your Life, to celebrate the life and achievements of writer, comedian, actor, and director Eric Sykes, in honor of his centenary birthday next month.

The episode originally aired on Christmas Day in 1979 and will be available on ITVX from April 30th until a few days before Sykes’s birthday on May 4th. It will also be broadcast on ITV3 on the same date.

In his autobiography, ‘If I Don’t Write It, Nobody Else Will…’, Sykes described being surprised with a large red book by Eamonn Andrews during what he thought was a press interview at the New London Theatre.

The episode features tributes from Sykes’s family and friends in showbiz, including Bill Fraser, Tommy Cooper, Frankie Howerd, Max Bygrages, Spike Milligan, Johnny Speight, Harry Secombe, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Sean Connery.

ITVX will also be offering The Plank, a classic British comedy film, which was written, directed, and starred Eric Sykes alongside Tommy Cooper, Jimmy Edwards, and Roy Castle. The movie will be available from April 1st, exclusively on ITVX.

Join in the celebration of the legendary Eric Sykes’s life, available for streaming on ITVX and airing on ITV3 starting April 30th.

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