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Evil Lives Here, April 21, 2024, Investigation Discovery, “He Asked Me to Be His Hitman”



Evil Lives Here

Evil Lives Here returns with an episode that tells the chilling tale of Roger, whose life takes a dark turn when his best friend, Bob Duke, makes a shocking request.

In this episode, He Asked Me to Be His Hitman. airing on Investigation Discovery on Sunday April 21, we meet Roger, a man whose life is turned upside down by the actions of his best friend, Bob Duke. Initially, Roger dismisses Bob’s pleas as mere venting, but as Bob persists, Roger becomes increasingly concerned, especially for the safety of Bob’s wife and son. As the episode unfolds, a tragic accident occurs, and Roger is confronted with a horrifying realization: his friend Bob is a killer.

The episode explores the complex dynamics between Roger and Bob. Roger, who is described as the opposite of Bob in most ways, finds himself enmeshed in Bob’s sinister plans. Bob, a well-regarded member of the community, whose parents are highly respected teachers, reaches out to Roger with a proposition to kill his parents in exchange for money.

This is not the first time Bob has made such a request. Years earlier, Roger recalls Bob suggesting that he take a rifle and shoot Bob’s wife and child. Roger dismissed it as ranting, but after the tragic deaths of Bob’s wife and son, he kept quiet, fearing that no one would believe him. Now, as Bob persists with his latest plot, Roger is faced with a difficult choice.


Roger’s fears intensify, and he becomes convinced that Bob’s intentions are deadly serious. A tragic accident occurs, and Roger is left reeling, knowing that his friend is capable of murder. Through emotional interviews and dramatic reenactments, the episode examines the psychological impact on Roger, who is forced to confront the truth about his friend.

Evil Lives Here airs on Investigation Discovery at 9:00 pm on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

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