Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes: I’m Gonna Die on This Mountain (Discovery, Sunday, May 19, 2024)

Expedition From Hell

The upcoming episode of Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes, airing on Discovery, explores the perilous journey of Mickey Grosman and his team as they navigate the Eastern Andes.

In this third episode, titled “I’m Gonna Die on This Mountain,” the team encounters a challenging bridge crossing, highlighting Mickey’s determination to capture compelling footage. However, things take a turn when one of the team members breaks down and Mickey wantsto send them back to civilization. Despite this, the team is unable to locate their missing companion, raising questions and concerns.

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This is a journey deep into the Eastern Andes, where the group are very much facing the harsh realities of their environment. The episode utilizes archival footage to provide a first-hand account of the expedition’s challenges and the rising tensions within the group.

With over 700 hours of archival footage, Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes continues to uncover new revelations about the ill-fated adventure. The series explores the story of Mickey Grosman, a former special forces demolitions expert, and his ambitious charity trek for cancer awareness across South America. However, the expedition quickly turned into a struggle for survival, with only Mickey claiming to have completed the entire journey.

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Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes, I’m Gonna Die on This Mountain airs Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 10:00 PM on Discovery.

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