Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024 Episode 7, 28 April on Channel 7

Farmer Wants A Wife 2024

In the seventh episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, the five farmers—Bert, Joe, Dustin, Dean, and Tom—continue their quest for love, welcoming new ladies to their farms and navigating the complexities of jealousy as connections deepen.

At the start of the season, each farmer met eight single ladies during a speed dating round at The Convent in the Hunter Valley. From there, they narrowed down their choices, each inviting five women to join them on their respective farms. As the series progresses, the farmers bid farewell to the women with whom they feel the least connection.

Farmer Bert, a 30-year-old pineapple, dragon fruit, and pumpkin farmer from Queensland, initially chose Karli, Caitlin, April, Lauren, and Caity to continue the journey with him. However, he soon encountered drama between Karli and April, ultimately deciding to send April home due to his intolerance for drama.

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Farmer Dustin, a 26-year-old cattle, sheep, goat, and crop farmer from NSW, selected Sophie, Anna, Chloe, Kara, and Izzy to join him on his farm. Dustin’s decision-making process led him to send Kara home after a double date with Anna and Kara.

Farmer Dean, a 25-year-old cattle and watermelon farmer from Queensland, welcomed Teegan, Bella, Tiffany, Hayley, and Kate to his farm. Dean’s exploration of connections resulted in him saying goodbye to Kate after a double date with Tiffany and Kate.

Farmer Joe, a 33-year-old cattle and sheep farmer from NSW, invited Sarah, Claire, Keely, Cayla, and Chelsea to get to know him better on his farm. Joe’s journey took a turn when he chose to say goodbye to Chelsea after a double date with Chelsea and Keely.

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Farmer Tom, the youngest farmer at 22 years old and a cattle and crop farmer from Victoria, connected with Sarah C, Krissy, Taylah, Sarah A, and Abby. Tom’s path to love led him to send Abby home after a double date with Taylah and Abby.

As the series progresses, the farmers and their chosen ladies will continue to explore their connections, facing the challenges of compatibility, drama, and the search for lasting love.

Farmer Wants a Wife airs on Channel 7 at 7.00 pm on Sunday, 28 April 2024.

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