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February 2023 Highlights for US Streamer “Acorn TV”



A tough Irish crime thriller, a romantic comedy drama from New Zealand and more from Madame Blanc are amongst the February 203 highlights for Acorn TV.

Bloodlands (Acorn TV Original) 

New Season Premieres Monday February 6; Season Finale February 20

In tough crime drama Bloodlands, experienced detective Tom Brannick (James Nesbitt) links a car recovered from the ocean to a string of disappearances that includes his own wife from 20 years ago. In a case that harkens back to Northern Ireland’s troubled history, Brannick embarks on an obsessive drive to identify a probable assassin using the code name Goliath.

Under the Vines (Acorn TV Original)

Two Episodes Premiere Every Monday Through February 6

In this second instalment of the lovely romantic comedy drama, Sydney socialite Daisy Monroe (Rebecca Gibney, Wanted) and ex-London barrister Louis Oakley (Charles Edwards, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power) team up to manage a failing winery in southern New Zealand. While Daisy adjusts to her new life, Louis is busy trying to fix his old one so he can go back to England.

However, his marriage is over, and he continues to work with Daisy at Oakley Wines. The two winemaking misfits are still making their way through Peak View’s eccentric residents and cunning competitors.

When Daisy (Torrance) meets the dashing town doctor, David (Torrance), any romantic prospects between them are dashed. Tippy, a young winemaker in Oakley, finds her life turned upside down by the arrival of Philippe Bidois, a famous French winemaker and her cousin.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries (Acorn TV Original)

Season 2 Premieres Monday, February 20

Jean White (Sally Lindsay), a famous antiques dealer, returns after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt by the dishonest Barbara. In the picturesque French village of Sainte Victoire, Jean’s knowledge of antiquities and antiques is once again the key to solving a string of murders and riddles.

Jean and Dom will become much closer this season, but can their relationship develop into more? At the same time, Gloria’s true love has arrived in town, and Barbara decides to kill herself to finish what she started.