First Look at BBC One Drama “Ten Pound Poms”



First images from the upcoming BBC One drama Ten Pound Poms, written by Danny Brocklehurst (Brassic, Ordinary Lies) and produced by Eleven (Sex Education, Red Rose), have been released, starring Michelle Keegan (Our Girl; Brassic) as Kate, Faye Marsay (Game of Thrones; Black Mirror) as Annie, and Warren Brown (The Responder; Luther) as Terry.

The cast also includes Hattie Hook (Pattie), Finn Treacy (Peter), David Field (Dean), Sophie Gregg (Tina), Cheree Cassidy (Marlene), and Rob Collins (Ron).

The six-part series tracks a group of Britons as they escape the bleak post-war landscape of Britain in 1956 to experience a journey that will change their lives forever. They were told that for just ten pounds, they could have a nicer home, better job opportunities, and a higher standard of life by the beach in Australia.

Newcomers to Australia may be disappointed to learn that life isn’t as perfect as they were led to believe. We witness their trials and tribulations as they adjust to life in a foreign land, far from home and British culture.

Annie (Faye Marsay) and Terry (Terry Roberts) are the two main characters in the show. (Warren Brown). They attempt to make the best of things for their family, but they are put to the test in ways they never could have imagined by the harsh conditions at the migrant hostel and the negative attitudes of the locals towards them.

They’re not the only ones in the dormitory who are trying to conceal something. Young nurse Kate (Michelle Keegan) comes without her fiancé and is determined to do whatever it takes to erase her traumatic past. Bill (Leon Ford) is so determined to show that he is living the Australian dream after losing the family company back home that he is willing to do anything to achieve the lifestyle he knows he cannot afford. Stevie (Declan Coyle), a troubled teen with an abusive father, sees this new journey as his ticket out of their home. Meanwhile, Indigenous Australian war hero Ron (Rob Collins) has difficulty adjusting to life as an outsider in his own country.

Joel Wilson, Olivia Trench, and Jamie Campbell serve as executive producers for Eleven alongside BBC’s Gaynor Holmes and Stan’s Amanda Duthie and Cailah Scobie. Ryan Griffen, Smita Bhide, and Ava Pickett are contributing writers alongside Danny Brocklehurst. Jamie Stone and Ana Kokkinos are the directors. This show will be broadcast all over the globe by Sony Pictures Television (SPT).

Production took place in Australia last year, and air times will be announced at a later date.

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