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Food Network’s Ciao House Returns for a Second Season in Puglia, Italy



The Food Network’s popular culinary competition series, “Ciao House,” is back for a second season, premiering Sunday, May 19th, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. This season, twelve rising chefs will embark on a culinary journey to Puglia, a coastal paradise in Southern Italy, where they will live, cook, and compete against each other in a majestic 16th-century villa.

Hosted once again by renowned chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini, the series promises to test the chefs’ cooking skills and their ability to navigate personal rivalries and strategic alliances. The competitors will be challenged like never before as they fuse their culinary styles with Italian cuisine, creating dishes that showcase their unique takes on traditional Italian dishes.

In each episode, the chefs will be immersed in the rich culture, history, and traditions of Southern Italy, with challenges inspired by the region’s unique food culture. From cooking with fresh whole fish caught by local fishermen to creating unique salumi and formaggi platters, the chefs will need to prove their mastery of Italian cooking techniques.

The stakes are high as the losing team each week will have to vote off one of their own, and only one chef will ultimately be named Capo di Casa. The winner will receive the ultimate prize: an immersive culinary education across Italy, training with acclaimed Italian master chefs.


The twelve chefs competing in this high-stakes culinary battle are: Ivan Barros (Los Angeles, California), Zev Bennett (Miami, Florida), Maria Bregatta (Burlington, Vermont), Austin Cobb (Playa Grande, Costa Rica), Devan Cunningham (Phoenix, Arizona), Tiana Gee (Los Angeles, California), Hanna Haar (Montauk, New York), Drew Keane (Chicago, Illinois), Shannon Odom (Haico, Texas), Jan Parker (Tacoma, Washington), Phuoc Vo (Tampa, Florida), and Stikxz Williams (Queens, New York).

In the two-hour premiere episode, Guarnaschelli and Bertaccini welcome the chefs to their villa in Puglia, where they will live and cook together. The chefs’ first challenge is to create a dish that showcases their unique take on Italian cuisine. The winner of this challenge will gain an advantage in the next round.

As the competition progresses, the chefs will explore the local cuisine, including a trip to Lecce to meet nonnas specializing in pasta rolling and a challenge inspired by the city’s annual pizza festival. They will also learn about bread baking at a local Lecce bakery and create menus featuring the prized Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

“Ciao House” season two promises to deliver high-intensity culinary battles, stunning Italian locales, and a deeper exploration of the region’s culinary traditions. The season finale, airing on Sunday, June 23rd, at 8 p.m. ET/PT, will see the final chefs preparing a three-course fine dining experience, with only one chef claiming the ultimate victory.


To complement the new season, Food Network is also premiering a five-episode tournament, “Chopped: Battle Italiano,” on Tuesday, April 30th, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by Guarnaschelli and Bertaccini, this tournament will celebrate the diverse culinary regions of Italy, from Tuscany to Puglia and Emilia-Romagna to Veneto.

Leading up to the premiere, Food Network will also release exclusive social content, including on-location videos featuring local shop owners and chefs, Italian recipes from Bertaccini, and a behind-the-scenes look at the cats living in the villa.

With its stunning locations, intense competitions, and focus on Italian culinary traditions, “Ciao House” season two is set to deliver a captivating and delicious viewing experience for food enthusiasts and home cooks alike.

“Ciao House” Season Two: A Culinary Adventure in Puglia, Italy

The upcoming second season of “Ciao House” takes the competition to Puglia, a coastal region in Southern Italy known for its breathtaking landscapes and unique food culture. This season promises to showcase the region’s culinary delights and provide a deeper understanding of Italian cooking techniques.


Executive Producer Betsy Ayala of Warner Bros. Discovery shared her excitement about the new season, stating, “Our audience fell in love with ‘Ciao House’ in the show’s first season set in Tuscany, and we knew we had to find another incredible food region in Italy for season two – and Puglia really delivers.” She added, “The coastal city and its unique food culture are unparalleled and make it the perfect locale for this high-stakes competition.

The first season of “Ciao House,” which was filmed in Tuscany, garnered much attention and success, reaching more than 13.7 million total viewers across multiple platforms. The show also performed well in ratings, surpassing Food Network’s year-to-date prime average.

Now, with the new season set in Puglia, viewers can expect to explore a different side of Italian cuisine. Puglia is known for its fresh seafood, unique salumi and formaggi (cured meats and cheeses), and rich culinary history. The competitors will be challenged to create dishes that showcase the region’s unique ingredients and traditions.

In addition to the culinary focus, “Ciao House” also emphasizes the personal journeys of the competing chefs. Guarnaschelli shared her insights on the competition, saying, “The competition on ‘Ciao House’ is on another level, and I’ve seen my fair share of competitions. These chefs are not only testing their culinary skills – they are living together as a family, so personal relationships, rivalries, and loyalties affect each challenge.


Bertaccini, who grew up in Italy, also expressed his enthusiasm for the new season, stating, “In Italy, eating and cooking is one of the highest forms of cultural activity. Growing up there surrounded by my family’s love for food and training in some of the best Italian kitchens made me the chef I am today. Seeing these competitors immerse themselves in the beauty of the land, the fresh ingredients, and food traditions is not only exciting to watch, but it also gives me great pride.

With its combination of culinary challenges, stunning locations, and personal narratives, “Ciao House” season two is set to deliver a well-rounded and engaging viewing experience that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Italian cuisine.

Alastair James is the editor in chief for Memorable TV. He has been involved in media since his university days. Alastair is passionate about television, and some of his favourite shows include Line of Duty, Luther and Traitors. He is always on the lookout for hot new shows, and is always keen to share his knowledge with others.

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