Four in a Bed: The Red Lion, Charing Heath, Kent (Channel 4, Monday, 20 May 2024)

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Channel 4’s Four in a Bed returns with a new episode, taking viewers to The Red Lion in Charing Heath, Kent. This week, hosts Lee and Claire kick off the competition, confident that their warm and friendly approach to hosting will set them apart.

In this episode, Lee and Claire go beyond the confines of their B&B, treating their guests to a memorable experience at the nearby Leeds Castle. It’s here, over drinks, that one guest makes a bold statement about facing negative feedback. The real test comes at breakfast, where a minor dispute arises. Two B&Bers order the same drink, yet one finds fault with their beverage while the other is completely satisfied. This raises the question of differing standards and expectations among guests.

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As the competition heats up, audiences can expect to see the hosts’ unique strategies for creating a welcoming atmosphere and managing guest feedback. With a focus on hospitality and the matey approach of Lee and Claire, this episode explores the fine line between guest satisfaction and the challenges of pleasing everyone.

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Four in a Bed: The Red Lion, Charing Heath, Kent airs Monday, 20 May 2024, at 6.00 pm on Channel 4.

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