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Fox: Houdini and Doyle 10 Episode Series Commitment



Created by David Shore, David Titcher and David Hoselton, Houdini and Doyle (which is being made by Sony Pictures TV, Big Talk and Shaftesbury) has been given a 10 episode commitment by Fox and has already been pre-sold to ITV in the UK and Shaw Media in Canada.

The drama focuses on the unlikely friendship between the legendary escapologist and illusionist and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as they team up to solve various cases that may have a supernatural slant to them.

The duo had begun a friendship through their interest in spiritualism, both seeking to find solace in being able to communicate with lost loved ones, but had a major falling out when Houdini dedicated much of the last years of his life in trying to prove that spiritualism was hokum and a con.

No word on casting yet but the appeal of Houdini never diminishes so it will be one to look forward to.


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