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Foxtel: Deadline Gallipoli Premieres on Showcase Sunday 19 April 2 8.30pm



After the lacklustre figures for Channel’s 9 take on Gallipoli Foxtel will be hoping for better things for their own Deadline Gallipoli when it premieres on Showcase over two nights in April (19th and 20th).

Deadline Gallipoli focuses on the work of four war correspondents who, in a bid to tell the truth, find themselves right on the frontline. The all star cast is led by Sam Worthington as Philip Schuler whilst Hugh Dancy plays Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, Ewen Leslie is Keith Murdoch and newcomer Joel Jackson is Charles Bean.

The cast also includes Charles Dance, Ann Torv, Bryan Brown and Rachel Griffiths. The mini-series is written by Jacquelin Perske, Shaun Grant, Stuart Beattie and Cate Shortland. Michael Rymer directs.

Worthington had this today when talking about the premiere: “The thing that intrigued me about Deadline Gallipoli was that it’s a fresh take on an old idea. By looking at the campaign through the eyes of the four war correspondents, we could reflect new light on a part of history that helped define us – and one that we can still learn from.”


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