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Foxtel’s Wayward Pines, The new Twin Peaks? or more M. Night Shyamalan mind trickery



M. Night Shyamalan, director of films such as The Sixth Sense and Signs, is the Executive producer of short run series Wayward Pines which premieres on Foxtel’s FX channel on Thursday 14 May @ 8.30pm

Take it from us Wayward Pines, with it’s atmosphere akin to Twin Peaks, The Forest or the Truman show, will be your next must see TV show.

This is being billed as an event series, the current vogue formula that the networks are using in hopes of building a hit, but which can quickly become stale if a renewal for more seasons is given. Look at Under The Dome or Extant, a spatial fable starring Halle Berry. Both should have just had one season but have carried on. Will it be the same with Wayward Pines? I suppose we will have to see how popular it is. And to be fair it is based on a trilogy.

Although M. Night’s name is the most prominent the pilot is written by Chas Hodge (of The Playboy Club) and based on a novel by Blake Crouch. The series begins when agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) wakes up after an accident in a small town in Ohio. The Wayward Pines of the title. Almost immediately strange things start to happen, from his encounter with a dodgy nurse (the great Melissa Leo from Treme) and unlikely alliance with a mysterious woman (Juliette Lewis). The question is will Burke be able to leave Wayward Pines.

To say more would ruin the enigma at the heart of the series but overall the atmosphere is definitely less Twin Peaks and more Under The Dome mixed in with a bit of Patrick McGoohan’s 1960’s cult classic The Prisoner with a mystery that does signpost itself somewhat.

However the series has an unsettling atmosphere and veritable pastiche levels of references so if you like this kind of thing you will love it and even the more prudent among you will have the potential to lose yourself in it.