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French Disney+ Original Weekend Family Premiere Date and Trailer



“Weekend Family,” the first French Disney+ Original series, will premiere on Disney+ in the UK on March 9th, with all eight episodes available exclusively on Disney+. The series’ official trailer was also released on Disney+.

The adventures of a crazy, endearing ‘super-blended’ family are chronicled in “Weekend Family.” Fred (Eric Judor) has weekend custody of his three daughters, idealistic Clara (Liona Bordonaro), quirky Victoire (Midie Dreyfus), and demanding Romy (Liona Bordonaro) (Roxane Barrazuol).

This would be tough enough, but their three mothers (Annelise Hesme, Jeanne Bournaud, and Annabel Lopez), as well as Fred’s best friend Stan (Hafid F. Benamar), are constantly present, making weekends even more hectic. Fred, on the other hand, has fallen in love again and wants to move in with his fiancée. Emmanuelle (Daphné Côté Hallé) is a Canadian immigrant with no previous parenting experience and a half-completed PhD in child psychology.

Emmanuelle will have to put her studies and theories aside and find her own way as step-mother to this wild weekend family with the help of Fred and the not-so-helpful advise of her closest friend, Cora (Sephora Pondi).

The eight-episode family comedy is directed by Pierre-François Martin-Laval (“Gaston Lagaffe“, “Serial Teachers“, “Fahim“) and Sophie Reine (“Cigarettes et Chocolat Chaud“).

Baptiste Filleul is the show’s creator. Head writers are Géraldine de Margerie and Nour Ben Salem. Sandra Ouaiss, Dorothée Woillez and Nathalie Majdar of Elephant are producing for Disney+.