Game Show Network Announce New Shows and Returning Favorites



New programming from Game Show Network and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has been revealed for 2023, and it will include the two longest-running and most popular American game shows, JEOPARDY! and WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

Popular trivia shows like MASTER MINDS, hosted by Emmy®-nominated game show host Brooke Burns and featuring a panel of Master Mind trivia experts who compete against the contestants, and SWITCH, a fast-paced trivia show where contestants take positions behind large numbers from 1 to 5, hosted by actor Jeff Hephner (“Chicago Med”, “Chicago Fire”), will return for a second season.

SPLIT SECOND premieres in April, HEY YAHOO! premieres in June, and RIDDICULOUS (working title) and BLANK SLATE premiere in the autumn, all on Game Show Network.

SPLIT SECOND is a trivia game show based on a format popularised by game show pioneer Monty Hall. The programme features three contestants who have one second to choose which of three general-knowledge questions they can correctly answer. The first person to call in gets to choose from the easiest questions, while the last person to buzz in has to answer the remaining (and usually more challenging) questions. In the first three rounds, players compete to see who can answer the most questions correctly and as quickly as possible. The winner of the bonus game gets $10,000 if they can answer a sequence of questions as quickly as possible. Michael Binkow serves as executive director on SPLIT SECOND, which is produced by Game Show Enterprises Studios. MarcusGlass Productions is run by Nancy Glass, Marcus Lemonis, and Sharon Hall, all of whom are senior producers. Host and senior producer John Michael Higgins.

A three-person team competes against another two-person team in HEY YAHOO! by trying to predict what millions of Yahoo Search users are looking for. Competitors are given the first part of a search and then asked to fill in the blank with what they believe the rest of the country is looking for. The team’s coffers are credited with an amount proportional to the accuracy rate of its answers. After three rounds, the winning team advances to the bonus round, where they can compete for an additional $10,000. Rane Laymance serves as executive director for HEY YAHOO! on Yahoo, and Brian Provost serves in a similar capacity for Game Show Enterprises Studios on Game Show Network. Sweet Lemons, LLC’s Al Hassas and Big Potato Limited’s Dean Tempest are also executive producers.

RIDDICULOUS (working title) is a new game show based on the structure of East Media’s popular UK game of riddles, in which three teams of two compete to answer trivia questions in order to solve riddles and puzzles for large cash prizes. The Riddle Master is a devious and mischievous expert who dishes out clever riddles and visual puzzles; the first team to answer three of his or her questions accurately faces off against the Riddle Master. At the conclusion of Round 3, the team with the most money in their coffers will advance to the bonus round, the Riddle Master’s Ridiculous Riddle Run. If the squad can answer seven puzzles in one minute, they will win $10,000. Game Show Enterprises Studios presents RIDDICULOUS (working title). East Media’s executive producers include Nathan Eastwood and Sunil Patel. The Whisper Group includes East Media.

BLANK SLATE is a fun and funny game show based on the board game by USAopoly, where matching answers to clever fill-in-the-blank questions can earn you big bucks. A comedian host will be assigned to each team of two friends, and points will be scored by correctly matching their partners, with an added bonus for any player who correctly guesses the nation’s most popular response. In round two, the celebrities swap sides, and in round three, the losing team chooses a comedian as a partner. In the bonus round, the winning team gets to choose a comedian to pair with them on each topic. The squad wins $10,000 if they win three matches. Rane Laymance serves as senior producer on the Game Show Enterprises Studios show BLANK SLATE. Heath Street Media Inc. is led by Executive Producers Richard Gerrits and Laura Robinson.

In 2023, the Game Show Network will air a number of SPT programs, including:

MASTER MINDS is produced by Game Show Enterprises Studios for Game Show Network. Ed Egan is executive producer. SWITCH is based on a hit show in Belgium from DIGA Studios (“Hot Ones: The Game Show”) and based on a format developed by Panenka for VRT in Belgium and distributed globally by Lineup Industries. Executive producers for DIGA Studios are Tony DiSanto and Nick Rigg. Rich Sirop also serves as executive producer. PEOPLE PUZZLER, produced by Game Show Enterprises Studios, Start Entertainment and PEOPLE’s parent company, Dotdash Meredith, the largest digital and print publisher in America. Executive Producers are Rane Laymance for Game Show Enterprises, Scott St. John and Neal Konstantini for Start Entertainment, LLC, along with Rachel Feinberg for Dotdash. Leah Remini also serves as executive producer. AMERICA SAYS, produced by Game Show Enterprises Studios for Game Show Network, is based on a format by KellerNoll. Rane Laymance serves as executive producer. Tara Long and Mark Herwick of Entertainment One (eOne) and Dave Noll and Cleve Keller of KellerNoll also serve as executive producers.

JEOPARDY!, America’s Favorite Quiz Show™, is the top-rated quiz show on television, and has received numerous awards and honors. WHEEL OF FORTUNE is trademarked as America’s Game™. Both iconic shows are produced by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. They are distributed domestically by CBS Media Ventures and internationally by Paramount Global Content Distribution, both units of Paramount.

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