General Hospital (ABC Friday May 24, 2024)

General Hospital Today

On the Friday May 24 episode of ‘General Hospital‘ Anna summons Carly to the hospital, revealing her concern about Jack Brennan, who has apparently self-harmed and expressed a desire to see Carly. Despite their distant relationship, Anna fears Carly might consider visiting him.

At Sonny’s penthouse, Ava downplays the recent Kristina incident and receives updates on Dante’s police work. Ava predicts Kristina will come around and blames Jason for the Dex situation. Sonny agrees, blaming Jason for the escalation. Carly challenges Sonny’s tendency to blame others, but he remains unfazed. Ava commends Sonny’s restraint and hints at Carly’s possible motives.

Meanwhile, Dex confides in Kristina, who offers support and a potential testimony against Sonny. Dex is conflicted, weighing the risks to the baby and his commitment to justice. Anna provides perspective, acknowledging the complexities of police work and the potential ramifications of pursuing charges. Dex ultimately decides against legal action.

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Elsewhere, Elizabeth urges Finn to maintain his sobriety, but he resists. He angrily gives her an ultimatum, leading to her departure. Chase and Brook Lynn arrive to support Finn, with Brook Lynn taking Violet for a walk. Violet opens up about her fears, and Chase confronts Finn about his drinking. Finn shares news of Gregory’s passing and his own uncertainty.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lois and Ned worry about Chase and Brook Lynn. Giovanni arrives to move in, and Lois assures him it’s still a good time despite Gregory’s death. In Albany, Alexis learns that Fergus Byrne was involved in her disbarment hearing, and Ava is revealed to be her accuser. Diane objects, but the panel denies her request for a separate hearing.

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This episode of General Hospital airs Friday, May 24, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. on ABC.

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