General Hospital (ABC Tuesday June 11, 2024)

General Hospital Today

In the Tuesday June 11 episode of General Hospital, the drama intensifies in Port Charles. John “Jagger” Cates becomes suspicious when he overhears Anna’s conversation at the hospital, particularly her interaction with Jack. Meanwhile, Sam and Damian prepare to take bold action in their quest to uncover the FBI’s hold over Jason.

At home, Jake finds himself in a difficult position as Elizabeth questions him about seeing Hamilton exit a bar. Jake, who was actually inside the bar, may struggle with whether to come clean to Elizabeth, but their son, Aiden could help mediate the situation. Brook Lynn assures Lois of their commitment to keeping Violet Finn safe, despite Finn’s drinking issues.

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Harrison expresses concern for his brother, Finn, revealing that he faces a bigger problem than initially thought. He intends to confront Finn directly during this challenging time.

This episode of General Hospital airs Tuesday, June 11, 2024, on ABC.

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