General Hospital (ABC, Tuesday May 21, 2024)

General Hospital Today

On the Tuesday May 21 episode of ‘General Hospital‘ Brook Lynn and Harrison’s honeymoon plans hit a snag when they can’t locate their tickets or passports, prompting a panicked Brook Lynn to worry about being turned away. Meanwhile, Violet insists that her father, Finn, protect a precious gift she made for him.

Alexis and Diane work on reinstating Alexis’s law license, but Alexis’s nervousness contrasts with Diane’s positive outlook. Kristina, still reeling from witnessing Sonny’s violent outburst, confides in Blaze about her struggle to accept her father’s true nature. Dex, the victim of Sonny’s anger, confides in Josslyn, facing a difficult decision about pressing charges.

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Elsewhere, Sonny seeks help from Dante, who becomes frustrated when asked to intervene in the situation with Dex.

General Hospital airs Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. on ABC.

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