General Hospital (ABC Tuesday May 28, 2024)

General Hospital Today

On the Tuesday May 28 episode of ‘General Hospital’ reveals Spinelli’s hesitation about the risky plan he agreed to help Sam with. Despite her fears that he might back out, Maxie’s supportive words encourage him to stick with the scheme. Sam desperately needs Spinelli’s assistance in her FBI investigation, as he may be her only hope of understanding Jason’s situation.

Meanwhile, Anna and Jason meet to exchange information, discussing concerns about Sonny’s downward spiral and Carly’s inability to follow directions. Jason confesses his uncertainty about Carly’s next move, worried that she might continue her vengeful path.

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Ignoring Anna’s warning, Carly visits Jack Brennan in the hospital, engaging in a flirtatious conversation filled with veiled questions and hidden agendas.

Elsewhere, Chase assures Harrison that he can help him through his struggles without resorting to alcohol. However, Brook Lynn senses Chase’s lingering worry and may voice her own concerns.

Tracy, seeking an honest update, finds Chase and Brook Lynn to discuss the aftermath of Gregory’s death, wanting to avoid clichéd sympathy phrases.

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In Albany, Alexis dines alone when Fergus suddenly appears, leading her to suspect that he followed her. Although Fergus attempts to brush it off as a coincidence, Alexis considers reporting him for harassment.

Before leaving, Fergus demands to know why Alexis is appealing her disbarment, and she provides an explanation. This encounter also provides Alexis with an opportunity to question Fergus’ relentless pursuit and his desire for retribution.

General Hospital airs Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. on ABC.

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