General Hospital, April 25 2024, ABC

General Hospital Today

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Trina will offer to babysit Ace, sensing that Laura may need some time to herself. Trina feels drawn to Ace, perhaps as a way to stay connected to her late brother, Spencer, who adored his little brother. Meanwhile, Ava shares her insight with Laura, suggesting that Trina’s desire to spend time with Ace stems from clinging to fond memories of the past.

Molly will fill TJ in on Kristina’s recent outburst, defending Sonny and lashing out at Josslyn’s claims. Concerned about the impact of this stress on Molly’s pregnancy, TJ will worry about the potential consequences. However, Molly attempts to shift the focus back to their relationship, even as she privately fears that Kristina is in denial about Sonny’s true nature.

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Carly has a tense conversation with Kristina, who begins to grasp the extent of Sonny’s capacity for sinister deeds. Kristina struggles to reconcile her idealised image of Sonny with the reality of his actions, including his potential involvement in ordering a hit on Cyrus. Kristina directs her anger at Ava, blaming her for being a negative influence.

Elsewhere, Carly shares a poignant moment with Drew, their connection still lingering despite their separate paths. Nina and Drew engage in their usual snarky banter, with Nina suggesting they are perfect for each other in a backhanded compliment. Drew discloses to Willow that he advocated for her to Nina, hoping for a favour in return.

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Jason confronts Sonny, acknowledging their strained relationship but shifting the focus to a more pressing issue: Josslyn’s emotional turmoil over Dex’s safety. Jason, having promised to protect Dex, issues a warning to Sonny, asserting that any harm to his family will not be tolerated.

As Jason’s words fuel Sonny’s anger, viewers can expect the mob boss to spiral further out of control, setting the stage for more dramatic twists.

General Hospital airs on ABC at 2:00 pm on Thursday 25 April 2024.

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