General Hospital: Finn’s Recovery is Tested (ABC Friday May 17, 2024)

General Hospital Today

On the Friday May 17 episode of ‘General Hospital,’ Finn’s recovery is tested when he accidentally takes a sip of champagne. This slip-up could trigger a challenging path for him as an addict. Meanwhile, Gregory’s battle with ALS and impending early death are complicated by emerging dangers, possibly linked to Pikeman, that place him in harm’s way.

Violet seeks Finn’s honest opinion, possibly regarding her recent performance at the wedding reception. Anna accuses Jason of causing a scene after clashing with Sonny, and she urges him to control his behavior. Lois attempts to diffuse the situation by encouraging Sonny to calm down, but he continues his tirade, lashing out at Dex and leaving Kristina shocked and concerned as she witnesses a new side of her father.

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Spinelli finds himself in a dilemma when Sam asks him to investigate the FBI’s leverage on Jason. He questions how they can even begin such a daunting task but will likely relent due to Sam’s insistence and Jason’s need for assistance. Elsewhere, Cody hints at his willingness to listen to Sasha’s alternative suggestions, potentially encouraging her to push him again to reveal their father-son bond with Mac.

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General Hospital airs Tuesday, May 17, at 2:00pm. on ABC.

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