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German Crime Drama Pagan Peak Premieres Thursday 17 March on SBS On Demand



The hunt for the Krampusliller has left its mark on the psyche of detective Ellie Stocker (Julia Jentsch). Her Austrian colleague Gedeon Winter (Nicholas Ofzcarek) is in a coma. When a young tourist is found dead near Salzburg, German and Austrian police must work together again.

Yela Antic (Franziska von Harsdorf) is given the chance to prove her skills for the first time as a liaison officer in Tonia Roth’s (Marie Sophie von Reibnitz) murder case. Ellie must team up with Gedeon again to get to the bottom of these new murders.

In German with English subtitles. Two seasons available to stream.

Airdate:  Thursday 17 March 2022 on SBS On Demand.