Gladiators Giant, Fire and Legend Announced by BBC



Gladiators Giant

Gladiators Giant, Fire and Legend Announced by BBC

One of the most legendary and exciting sports entertainment gameshows is coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer, and three new Gladiators have been revealed – Giant, Fire, and Legend.

Who are the three new Gladiators

Jamie Christian Johal, formerly of the fire department, is now known as “Giant” for his accomplishments in bodybuilding. He is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, making him one of the tallest bodybuilders in history. He’s taking that strength into the Gladiators arena now. He may appear to be a big, friendly giant, but he won’t play nice when it counts.

Montell Douglas arrives at the Gladiators stadium faster than a flash. She’s been given the moniker “Fire” because of her destructive nature in the arena.

The previous British female record for the 100-meter dash had stood for 27 years, but she broke it in just 11.05 seconds, making her the fastest sprinter in British history. When the 2022 Winter Olympics began in January, Montell became the first British woman to compete in both events. She has a European Under-23 Silver Medal in the 100-meter dash and a Commonwealth Gold Medal from the 4×100-meter relay competition in Delhi in 2010. In 2016, Montell made the transition to bobsledding, and in her first World Cup season the following year, she placed in the top 10. After competing in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Montell returned to the city in 2022 to compete in the Winter Olympics. Montell is passionate about helping women of all ages, sizes, and socioeconomic backgrounds realise their full potential.

Fire is a dangerous opponent for any combatant. She will wreak havoc on anyone she comes across because she is swift, erratic, and dangerous.

Ex-international athlete and current Legend, Matt Morsia trains in bodybuilding and powerlifting up to six times per week.

The long and triple jumper and powerlifter who won bronze and silver at the championships, respectively, enjoyed the “showmanship” of competition. When he stopped competing on the international stage, he still performed for a massive audience, and he eventually became a fitness influencer and professional YouTuber with over 355 million views. His first book, “The 24/7 Body,” was published in 2020 and immediately became a Sunday Times bestseller.

With all his might and strength on display in the series, Legend will not be easily forgotten by his rivals.

Hungry Bear Media and MGM Alternative UK’s 11-episode series will feature a new generation of powerful Gladiators, including Giant, Fire, and Legend in addition to the previously announced Fury and Steel. In a series of both new and old games, including the perennial favourite The Eliminator, they will be put to the ultimate test of speed and strength.

Quotes from the Gladiators

Giant (AKA Jamie Christian Johal) says: “I feel like everything in life has lead me here. I’m honoured to be part of this iconic show that I watched as a child. I’ll be bringing my GIANT stature and personality so contenders better come prepared!”

Fire (AKA Montell Douglas ) says: “I’m so pleased I’ve been asked to be Fire! Being a gladiator has been a secret lifelong dream of mine. As a strong and powerful woman, I’m living proof that you can achieve your dreams, no matter what age or background, if you believe and keep pushing. I’m ready to light up the competition!”

Legend: (AKA Matt Morsia) says: “I’ve been training like a beast for the show but realistically I didn’t need to. I could’ve spent the last two months eating doughnuts and playing Dungeons & Dragons and I’d still be better than everyone else. I’m called Legend for a reason! I can only apologise for the irreparable damage I’m about to do to the contenders. Actually, that’s a lie, I’m not sorry at all. I’m actively looking forward to it”

Who is making the new series

Gladiators (11 x 60’) is a Hungry Bear and MGM Alternative UK for BBC One and BBC iPlayer and was commissioned by Kate Phillips, Director of Unscripted. The Executive Producers are Dan Baldwin and Lou Brown for Hungry Bear and Dom Bird MGM Alternative UK. The Head of Entertainment Commissioning for the BBC is Kalpna Patel-Knight and the Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Clodagh O’Donoghue.

The original American Gladiators series was created by Johnny C. Ferraro and Dan Carr and developed by Johnny C. Ferraro.

Image Credit: BBC

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