Go Back to Where You Came From: Channel 4 Challenges UK Views on Immigration

Channel 4

Channel 4 has commissioned Minnow Films to produce “Go Back to Where You Came From,” a provocative and timely TV series that aims to spark conversation and challenge perspectives on immigration in the UK.

This unique social experiment, based on an Australian multi-award-winning series, will immerse six Brits with diverse opinions on immigration in the realities of perilous refugee journeys to the UK.

The contributors will first travel to the homelands that refugees are desperate to leave, including Mogadishu in Somalia and Raqqa in Syria, two cities known for their dangerous conditions and devastating poverty. They will then follow migrant routes through Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, facing scenarios that challenge their views.

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The group will trek through the African desert, climb over border crossings in mountain ranges, and experience the terror of small boat crossings. These extreme and challenging experiences are designed to provoke thought and spark controversial conversations.

With immigration remaining a divisive topic in the UK, and the number of people crossing the Channel illegally increasing, this series takes an honest look at the issue.

“Go Back to Where You Came From” confronts the immigration debate head-on, promising to educate and spark discussion among people of all political leanings.

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