Great American Pure Flix Original Faith Drama “Destination Heaven” Premieres May 24

Great American Pure Flix, a streaming service dedicated to faith and family content, has announced its newest original series, “Destination Heaven,” starring acclaimed actor Harry Lennix as God. The six-part scripted series will premiere on May 24, 2024, with new episodes released weekly.

Destination Heaven” is a faith drama that explores the encounters between God and people from various walks of life who believe they are doing the right things but soon discover that their approach to goodness lacks emotional and intellectual growth. In each episode, God interacts with individuals, challenging their perspectives and prompting self-reflection.

The first episode, “Home Is Where,” introduces Jenna and Malcom, successful professionals who believe that donating to charities is enough to contribute to the betterment of mankind. However, Jenna’s encounter with God in a heavenly workshop of picture frames leads her to a realization about her own life.

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The series stars Harry Lennix, known for his roles in “The Blacklist” and “Man of Steel,” alongside Kevin Sorbo, Emily Rose, and Tim Bensch. Lennix’s portrayal of God adds a unique layer to the series, offering a thought-provoking take on faith and personal growth.

“Destination Heaven” is the third original series from Great American Pure Flix since its merger with Sony’s streaming service Pure Flix in June 2023. The streaming service, owned by Great American Media and Sony Pictures, is committed to providing uplifting and inspiring content that celebrates faith, family, and country.

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Great American Pure Flix has become a leading faith and family streaming platform, offering a range of original series and movies. The service is known for its distribution of Sony’s Affirm Films productions, including “Miracles from Heaven” and “War Room,” as well as original content from Great American Family and Great American Living.

With its latest original series, “Destination Heaven,” Great American Pure Flix continues to deliver on its promise of quality entertainment that resonates with audiences seeking uplifting and inspiring content.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Great American Pure Flix, Harry Lennix

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