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Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 Renewed by ABC



ABC stalwart Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for an 18th season along with it’s spin-off show Station 19.

The renewal of Grey’s Anatomy takes place in a year full of rumours about the end of the series being near. However, along with the renewal comes confirmation that Ellen Pompeo, and the other two remaining members of the original cast of the series, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr., will continue in their roles.

Both the previous and the current season were shortened due to the pandemic situation and the theme was heavily included in the narrative, affecting patients, doctors and their families, just as in real life. This year Grey’s Anatomy has also brought us the death of a well-known character from the hospital and the departure of another long-time member of the cast is imminent.

Fire Department set Station 19 has won a 5th season and remains popular with the public, being the most viewed series on the Thursday night schedule,

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 have also provided us with crossovers over the past few years.