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Grimsburg: Series Premiere (FOX Sunday January 7, 2024)



Grimsburg Fox

Dive into the animated world of Grimsburg as the series premiere introduces viewers to Marvin Flute, a renowned detective with an uncanny knack for solving complex cases. However, as skilled as he may be, there is one mystery he has yet to unravel – his own identity. Join Marvin as he returns to Grimsburg, a town filled with secrets, in his quest for redemption and self-discovery. In his first case back, he embarks on a mission to locate a missing teenage girl after her romantic interest meets a grim fate.

Unveiling the Enigmatic Marvin Flute in the Series Premiere of Grimsburg

FOX brings viewers the highly anticipated series premiere of Grimsburg, an animated detective drama that introduces the enigmatic character of Marvin Flute (voiced by Jon Hamm). Marvin is renowned for his unparalleled skills in apprehending a cannibal clown and correctly identifying mid-century modern armoires. However, despite his exceptional detective abilities, Marvin struggles to find answers to the greatest mystery of all – himself.

In order to embark on this personal journey, Marvin must return to Grimsburg, a town shrouded in secrets. There, he hopes to redeem himself in the eyes of his fellow detectives, confront his ferocious ex-wife Harmony (Erinn Hayes), and reconnect with his lovably unstable son. Each person holds pieces of the puzzle that is Marvin Flute.

For his first case back in town, Marvin sets out to locate a missing teenage girl. The stakes are high, as her romantic interest has been discovered decapitated by the side of the road. In true detective fashion, Marvin delves into the dark underbelly of Grimsburg, navigating through a web of secrets as he races against time to find the truth and bring the missing girl home.


Don’t miss the series premiere of Grimsburg on FOX at 20:00 on Sunday, January 7, 2024. Join Marvin Flute on his gripping journey of self-discovery and investigate the captivating mysteries that lie within the secretive town of Grimsburg.

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