Guy’s All-American Road Trip: Father’s Day Feasts and Camp Side Competitions (Food Network, June 14, 2024)

Guy's All-American Road Trip

The Fieris continue their culinary journey through the American West in the latest episode of “Guy’s All-American Road Trip,” airing on Food Network on Friday June 14. In “Father’s Day Feasts and Camp Side Competitions,” the family enjoys burgers at a polo match, indulges in a Father’s Day steak dinner, tries their hand at archery, and visits a freeze-dried food factory.

The episode sees the Fieris embark on a variety of adventures and culinary experiences. They attend a polo match, a sophisticated outdoor event, where they savor delicious burgers. To celebrate Father’s Day, they prepare a special steak dinner, a hearty and mouthwatering meal. The family also participates in an archery contest, testing their aim and precision. Additionally, they tour a unique freeze-dried food factory, where they engage in a friendly cooking battle.

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“Guy’s All-American Road Trip” follows the Fieri family as they explore new destinations and discover exciting flavors. The series captures their adventures, including camping trips, culinary competitions, and interactions with locals. It offers a blend of mouthwatering dishes, and fun-filled activities.

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Guy’s All-American Road Trip: Father’s Day Feasts and Camp Side Competitions airs on Friday, June 14, 2024, at 9:00 PM on Food Network.

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