Hard Quiz: Battle of the Influencers (ABC TV Wednesday 20 December 2023)

Get ready for a special episode of Hard Quiz, featuring four popular Australian online influencers. Hosted by Tom Gleeson, this battle of wits is set to air on ABC at 8pm, Wednesday December 20.

“Influencer Showdown on Hard Quiz”

ABC’s “Hard Quiz” will feature a special episode next week called “Battle of the Influencers.” The show will be hosted by Tom Gleeson, a former Gold Logie winner known for his influence in the entertainment industry. This time, he will face off against four popular online influencers from TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch, who have millions of followers.

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The influencers participating in the special episode include Bridget Chant, known as @chantyb97 on TikTok, who is famous for her videos with her pet parrot, Hamlet. Nalopia, also known as @nalopia, is a gaming and book content creator with a large following. Ian Zaro, or @ianz95, is a TikTok star known for his comedy sketches and energetic dancing. Lastly, Mully, known as @Mully, creates virtual reality gaming videos for his ten million followers.

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The episode promises to be an interesting clash between traditional fame and online influence. The special episode of “Hard Quiz” is set to air on Wednesday, December 20 at 8pm on ABC.

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