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Hayley Atwell scores role in ABC pilot Conviction



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With ratings for the second season of ABC series Agent Carter being not exactly stellar show lead Hayley Atwell is clearly already thinking about other roles – lining up a new ABC pilot called Conviction. The funny thing is her latest character is called Carter too!

In Conviction, Atwell will play a former First Daughter forced into an unlikely leadership position at the (fictional) Conviction Integrity Unity in Los Angeles.

Her character, Carter Morrison, will work alongside legal and scientific teams to research and overturn wrongful convictions — a hot subject in today’s legal climate.

In addition to Atwell, Conviction will have further Marvel DNA from its co-creator Liz Friedman, who worked on Jessica Jones. The Following‘s Liz Friedlander is also serving as co-creator.

Atwell has portrayed the character in four Marvel films, and leads her own ABC series Agent Carter in the same capacity. Now halfway through its second season, Agent Carter is popular among fans and critics, but is decidedly unsuccessful in the ratings. (The past two episodes have achieved only a 0.8 in the 18-49 demographic.)

There has been no word from ABC whether Agent Carter will make it to a third series but it seems unlikely so this is a perfect opportunity for Hayley to make further inroads into US TV and film.


Source: Hypable