HBO Original Documentary ‘FAYE’ Explores the Life and Career of a Hollywood Icon

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The life and career of Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway are explored in the HBO Original documentary, “FAYE,” debuting on July 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. The film, directed and produced by award-winning filmmaker Laurent Bouzereau, offers a revealing portrait of the Academy Award-winning actress, known for her iconic roles in “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Chinatown,” and “Network.”

Dunaway recounts the triumphs and challenges of her decades-long career with frankness and introspection. Growing up as Dorothy Faye Dunaway, the army child of an alcoholic father, she found her escape in the world of acting. Mentored by director Elia Kazan and playwright William Alfred, her career was launched in 1965 with Alfred’s play, “Hogan’s Goat.”

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The documentary explores the parallels between Dunaway’s personal life and her celebrated film roles. Her struggles with mental health, including alcoholism and bi-polar disorder, mirror the criticisms she faced for playing strong, unsympathetic female characters and her reputation as a “difficult” artist. Dunaway’s on-screen elegance and sense of fashion also solidified her status as a style icon who continues to influence trends today.

In “FAYE,” the actor reflects on her illustrious career, including her Oscar-winning performance in “Network” (1976), for which she received criticism and praise for portraying a headstrong television producer. The film also examines her personal struggles, such as her battles with alcoholism and bi-polar disorder, and the joys of motherhood.

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The HBO Original documentary features interviews with Dunaway’s son, Liam Dunaway O’Neill, as well as colleagues and friends, including author Mark Harris, journalist Robin Morgan, photographer Jerry Schatzberg, and actors Sharon Stone and Mickey Rourke.

“FAYE” made its world premiere at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, adding to its growing list of accolades. The film is an intimate and revealing portrait of a Hollywood legend, exploring her enduring screen charisma and the challenges she faced as a woman in the industry.

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